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Red Candy Melts 340g
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Red Candy Melts 340g

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  • Red Yolli Melts
  • 340g in a bag
  • Vanilla Flavour 

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Please note: gluten free

The Yolli Melts range of candy coatings are perfect for adding colour to all your edible creations. They have the consistency of chocolate but require no tempering making them very easy to use. Suitable for chocolate moulding, piping, coating, cake pops, chocolate lollipops and cake decorating.

Yolli melts are supplied in small rectangle discs making them very easy to melt. Just pop them in the microwave or melt in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.

340g is enough candy coating to cover approximately 20 cake pops. 

Instructions for use

This is an easy and efficient way to melt your melts. 

Microwave: Place the melts in a microwave safe container. Heat at half power or defrost setting for 30 second intervals. Remove and stir after each interval. Continue the process until all the melts have been melted.

Hob: Fill a pan with water. Bring the water to the boil and reduce the heat keeping the boiled water at moderate temperature. Place a suitable heat bowl to fit over the pan and add your melts. Keep stirring until the desired consistency is achieved.

Yolli melts can be used for dipping, moulding and decorating.


  1. Before coating cake pops ensure they have been left at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. This will help to prevent cracking, which is usually caused by the cake expanding or shrinking due to changes in temperature. If the first coat does crack, then a second coating will fill any cracks. It is unlikely a second coating will crack again.

  2. To achieve the best working consistency it is always advised to melt Yolli Melts slowly. The slower they are melted the better the consistency you will get for working with.

  3. Melting too high can cause the melts to burn and become too thick and unusable.

  4. Once melted, allowing the melts to cool a little will give a thicker consistency which is often better when coating.

  5. Do not let Yolli Melts come into contact with water.

  6. A few drops of vegetable oil or shortening can be added to the melts to give a thinner consistency if required.

    Note: gluten free

    Additional Information:

    SKU RCC001
    Gross Weight 340 Grams
    Gross Dimensions 230x120x14.27mm
    Material Edible
    Colour Red

Ingredients For Red Yolli Melts

  • Sugar
  • Vegetable fat (fractionated and hydrogenated)
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Emulsifier (soy lecithin)
  • Natural colors (E120, E160c)
  • Flavour
  • The product is produced in a factory which uses peanuts, hazelnuts and milk products
  • Allergen: Soy lecithin
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