Christmas Tree Fillable DIY Baubles Ornaments - 6 Sizes - 1Pk, 5Pk, 10Pk or 20Pk

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Clear Plastic Fillable Baubles (6 Sizes and Various Pack Sizes)

1 Pack contains 6 baubles, each bauble is a different size.
In 1 pack you will receive:

x1 50mm bauble
x1 60mm bauble
x1 80mm bauble
x1 100mm bauble
x1 120mm bauble
x1 140mm bauble

Please select the amount of packs you require from the menu above.

These clear plastic baubles have many uses. The baubles all have a hanging loop on the top. Simply thread some string through to hang them.
These are ideal for decorating Christmas trees or as part of your wedding favour display. You can fill the baubles with you favourite sweets or decorate the insides with glitter and paint.
They are ideal gifts for children or activities to get them involved in decorating the Christmas tree.

Alternatively, you may have a themed display and these are ideal to decorate it.

The box decorations are ideal for packaging. Put sweets inside and give as gifts or alternatively use them as moulds. You could fill them with chocolate or cement to make castings of the shapes.

Other uses include

  • Give them out as wedding favours filled with sweets
  • Table decorations for celebrations
  • Make home made customised presents 
  • Put fairly lights inside
  • Paint the inside (great for crafting and kids activities)


Hanging Ball

⌀ 50mm


Hanging Ball

⌀ 60mm


Hanging Ball

⌀ 80mm


Hanging  Ball

⌀ 100mm


Hanging Ball

⌀ 120mm


Hanging  Ball

⌀ 140mm


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