Childrens Toys Silicone Mould

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Silicone mould for chocolate making. The mould contains 15 impressions of children's toys. Impressions include:

  • 4 Lego pieces
  • 3 Teddy bear pieces
  • 4 Car pieces
  • 4 Rocking Horse pieces
2020/02/20 13:00:00

Silicone moulds are suitable for moulding a range of items including:

  • chococlates 
  • butter 
  • gelatine 
  • cake 
  • cookies 
  • ice cubes
Silione is both flexible and durable. The flexibility means de-moulding is easy, just turn the mould inside out.
Suitable for use in ovens, microwaves or freezers these chocolate moulds can withstand temperatures as low as -60C and hot as +260C 


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