Loynds Humbug Berlingot Candy Machine - Easy to Operate Artisan Candy Equipment

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2024/07/18 13:00:00

The Mini Humbug / Berlingot candy manufacturing machine can be supplied hand operated or with a motor for continuous automatic candy manufacturing.

Inside the candy production machine are 4 bevelled cutting gears which give the sweet its trademark tetrahedron shape (pressed and cut in alternate directions on each end).

The candy machine is tabletop and is supplied with a simple clamping device so that it does not move around when in operation. The clamp will need to be drilled into your table unit and then the machine will fasten into the clamp.

To operate the Humbug / Berlingot machine a rope of candy is fed into the in-feed section. The handle is then turned which will rotate the cutters, thus pulling the candy rope into the machine and cutting it in the same action.

The process is the same for the motor driven machine except there is no need to manually operate the machine using the hand lever. Instead, a motor unit will rotate the mechanism and you just need to feed in your candy rope and let the machine take over.

The rope will be cut into the Humbug (Berlingot) shapes and coming out of the out-feed will be a chain of candies. Once cooled this chain of candies can be broken up into individual pieces.

The Loynds humbug machine is ideal for artisan candy manufacturers who are wanting to make authentic traditional candies.

This is a very simple machine to operate and maintain and anybody looking to start making candies would benefit greatly from having this machine.

To clean the machine, the lid lifts off and the internal cutting gears can be released using the quick release thumb screws.
The whole machine can be washed won with hot soapy water.

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