Loynds Mini Batch Roller - Stainless Steel Tabletop Candy Making Machinery

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2024/04/22 13:00:00

The Loynds table-top mini batch roller forms a batch of candy or toffee into a conical shape or
rope. The batch is rolled continuously in alternate directions while heat is applied via electric
heater elements located at the bottom of the machine.

The machine is suitable for batches of product up to 12kg in weight. Its small size makes this model of batch roller ideal for recipe development and small scale low volume manufacturers.

The Mini Batch Roller’s body is manufactured from a mixture of stainless steel and food-grade acetal plastic. It is also easy to operate, maintain and clean due to the simple design. A lid helps keep the batch warm while it is being rolled inside the machine.

  • Stainless steel and food grade acetyl construction
  • Very simple to operate
  • Small table-top machine requiring very little space
  • Electric batch heating from underneath the machine
  • Heat control via a simmer stat dial
  • Adjustable rope size by adjusting the thumb screws at the outfeed
  • Lid to keep the batch warm

Great Clear Plastic Fillable Tubes:

  • Includes 25 Corks
  • Great for gifts
  • Tube size: 345mm long x 24mm diameter. 
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