Sweet Bouquet Kit

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A kit for producing a beautiful sweet bouquet / cake pop bouquet, just add your own sweeties! comes with everything you need, printed instructions included.
2024/06/17 13:00:00

Who doesn't love flowers? They look pretty and smell nice. Arranged into a bouquet, flowers can make a beautiful display piece.

The best part about our bouquet is that these flowers won't die! even if you forget to water them! (don't water them!) and unlike real flowers, these taste good!

The Sweet Bouquet Kit includes everything you need to produce a really pretty and tasty little treat:

NOTE: Lollipops not included

  • A large black living vase
  • A large pom pom bow " colour of bow may vary"
  • 2 pieces of dry foam
  • 25 kebab skewers
  • Florist tape
  • 25 Clear film pieces (10cm squares)
  • 25 Coloured tissue paper pieces (10cm squares)
  • 2 large white tissue paper sheets
  • 1 large sheet of silver scroll clear decorative film

These clear plastic ornaments / containers come in two pieces.

Clip both sides together, simple!

Great for the creative type with the desire to customise!

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